6 reasons why you must start email marketing as a business owner

Email marketing is a must for all businesses. Here are 6 reasons you should start.

1) Powerful and cost-effective

Email marketing is more powerful than it’s ever been.

It’s been proven that email is the marketing channel generating the highest ROI out there and it’s 40x more effective than social media*


2) Get your message direct to your customers

Email newsletters go straight to your prospect’s inbox and go a long way to encouraging prospects to become customers.


3) Build your brand

A well-designed email newsletter, consistent with your company’s identity, will also help build your brand.


4) Cost effective

Email marketing is truly cost effective – it’s much cheaper than many other forms of marketing and you can try different methods and approaches to see quickly which work and which don’t.


5) On the go

Statistics say that 54% of email is now opened on a mobile device**, so don’t forget that you’ll need your email newsletters to be responsive, that way they’ll display beautifully no matter where your clients are reading them – in the office, on the train or at home on the sofa.


6) Grow your business

So, don’t delay, get ahead of the competition, by getting your email newsletter underway today and start growing your business with email marketing – why wouldn’t you?


*Email marketing stats you need to know (Campaign Monitor)
**Mobile email usage statistics (Email Monday)



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